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  • "Carla’s Song" (1996) by Ken Loach

  • "La Yuma" (2009, in Managua)

  • "La Pantalla Desnuda" (2014, in Matagalpa) by Florence Jaugey 

  • 7 movies to watch before your trip!


  • "The Jaguar Smile" (1989) by Salman Rushdie

  • "Gioconda Belli" , i.e. "El país bajo mi piel"

  • "Adiós Muchachos" (1999) by Sergio Ramírez

  • "El cielo llora por mí" (2009) by Sergio Ramírez

  • "La revolución perdida" (2004) by Ernesto Cardenal 

  • "The Anonymous" (2008-2010 en fr.) by R.J. Ellory


The brothers Luis Enrique and Carlos Mejía Godoy still sing their revolution, Philipp Montalbán or Dimensión Costeña their reggae from Bluefields,  check also Run dun Crew. Pop-rock Elsa Basil, Perrozompopo. Kattia Cardenal, Guardabarranco, Moises Gadea, Nina & Sebastien are song-writters. One of the most famous salsero is Luis Enrique. The last group "à la mode" is La Cuneta Son Machin. 
Once here, you will listen in buses and shops mostly reggaetón, merengue, salsa, cumbia, rancheras, marimba and music from the revolution after a minimum of 10 times per day "Despacito".


A painting movement worldly famous had been created in Solentiname in the 80’s. We pay tribute to the maestro Armando Morales.
Different style presented by Marc Calvet, a crazy french establshed in Granada.

Stéphane creates nice tours with his team to show you Nicaragua:


From Europe, I usually check on some multiple engine research to get around 500 to 800 euros during the year and a 800-1000 euros range during July-August and Christmas. Here you have some ideas :

There are two seasons: the dry season from November to April and the rainy season from May to October. It’s really hot from March to July!

Talking about tourism, it turns busy from Christmas to the end of February. So come in May, June, September and October and we will have plenty of time to spend with you for the best price ever!

To fly your passport must be valid 6 months after your flight return. If you’re European and you will fly into the US, you must have a ESTA document valid (2 years). You can get it for the cheapest price from the official page, only in english:


  • We use «Córdobas» and write it C$

  • 1 US$ = 34 C$

  • 1 € = +/- 35 to 38 C$ (check it on

  • We can easily find a good meal for 150 C$. A big water for 30 C$. A beer for 35 C$. 1h by bus = +/- 30 C$.

The Cordoba is under constant and controlled devaluation against the US $, the rate against the EUR fluctuates quickly. We can change everywhere $, Euros are harder to monetize, except in big cities like Granada at Bancentro. There are ATMs everywhere now except in Little Corn Islands and el Castillo. One can withdraw US$ or Cordobas. Visas and Mastercards are widespread.

Arriving by plane you will pay a tourist head tax of $ 10 per person in cash. Planning output taxes are often included in the ticket. Check to purchase. Do not change money at the airport, the rate is well below.
If you cross a land border, entry into Nicaragua costs $ 13. (the exit costs $ 3).

Wages are much lower than those of your country, it is therefore necessary to have an appropriate behavior. The country is the safest in Central America. Take precautions in Managua where we do not get into a particular car or on the coast in isolated areas. We recommend to scan your passport and ID card, photocopy passports and if you rent a car international permit is a good idea.

As with travel anywhere, valuables should be kept in the hostel. Travelers should always be aware of the situations that surrounds them, bring as little money as possible with you.


Begging is closely linked to tourism. We recommend you to never give anything (neither drink nor food) to give credit to local associations and stakeholders involved, if not a conversation or drawing / exchange vocabulary for those who do not dominate the language.

Some travelers like to bring gifts for people Encounters on the road. Here they sell pens, notebooks or balloons at a good price. Otherwise, a sports ball can be a good idea and many people can benefit, old glasses also are welcome (to be given to specialists).

The voltaje is 110V. Most have taken two parallel rectangular flat sheets. The transformer is not necessary but an adapter is useful. We find here also in hardware (= Ferretería). There are two telephone operators: Claro and Movistar. Normally visitors buy a chip for about 1 euro and they can use their phone if it is "unlocked".

  • There is no mandatory vaccine. (See this point with your doctor)

  • Internet is now very widespread, the Wi-Fi also

  • In summer there is 8h difference with Europe, in winter 7h

  • the most interesting souvenirs: hammocks, ceramic items, leather, wood, t-shirts, rum, cigars, paintings, hibiscus, get to a garment


The main cities offer this service. It’s not permitted to pass the border with a rent a car, if the company exists in both countries you could get another car.This is useful to travel more comfortably in the northern mountain (Estelí, Somoto, Matagalpa) and for surfers who want to change wave every day.

Otherwise, it works out cheaper and more friendly to take a local taxi who knows the road well and who is flexible in the course of the day. He often becomes a friend, speaks Spanish and gets money for his family. In addition he is the head of the car. 


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